Important Upcoming Dates!

Precinct Meetings – Most Precinct Meetings across the state will be held in the month of January. Please contact your local GOP Chair for more information.

County Conventions – Most County Conventions will be held in February and March. Contact your local GOP Chair for more information.

Oklahoma State Convention - April 11th, 2015 Crossroads Church, 8901 S Shields Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73149 9:00 AM

YOU MUST attend both your precinct and county convention meetings to be eligible to become a delegate. State Convention delegates will be voting on a State Party Chairman this year.

Let's Continue 160 years of Republican Tradition


The Republican Party, also commonly called the GOP (for "Grand Old Party"), emerged in 1854 to combat the Kansas–Nebraska Act, which threatened to extend slavery into the territories, and to promote more vigorous modernization of the economy.  Almost 160 years ago the Republican Party was the vanguard for life and liberty.  A century and a half later those principles are still the cornerstone of the GOP.  Following are excerpts of the original Republican Party Platform.

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Are you ready to make a difference?


I'm often asked how to get involved in politics. The question comes out of exasperation and even desperation over political differences.  "How can I make a difference" is the question people most often ask.

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Brogdon announces his bid to run for Republican State Party Chairman

Brogdon announces his bid to run for Republican State Party Chairman...


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Republican Party 101

Republican Party 101...


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Light - The darker the night, the easier it is to see a glimmer of light in the distance....


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